Choosing a Cake Stand

How to Choose the Right Cake Stand

There are several types of cake stands available to buy. We've selected a few great examples below, or you can use our links on the right to see the best examples of all the different types and styles. If you are not sure exactly what you are looking for, then see the quick checklist further down this page to get an idea of the types of cake stands on offer.

Our Choice of the Best Cake Stands

Choosing a Cake Stand


At first perhaps consider how many tiers (or levels) you would like for your cake stand. A single tier cake stand is also sometimes referred to as a cake plate - simply an elegant plate, raised on a stand or small plinth. These single tier stands are perfect for larger cakes that you intend to display as a whole at the table, and perhaps even slice at the table too.

A single tier cake stand is one of the simplest designs. It's basically a plate with a flute-shaped base, raising the cake from the work surface. This design is a great idea for big cakes, especially cakes with intricate designs. The simpler the stand, the more impressive the cake will look. They are also good for layer cakes, Bundt cakes, and tube cakes. These kinds of stands can come with a glass or plastic dome to protect the cake from flies during the summer months.

If you intend to serve a variety of cakes - perhaps already sliced, or cup cakes, or even sandwiches - then consider a cake stand with 2 or 3 tiers. This will be perfect for that "Afternoon Tea" look, and as we mentioned above, allows you to serve a nice choice of different food.


Cake stands come in all types of materials. For ease we have divided our choice into ceramic, glass, porcelain and acrylic stands. Acrylic cake stands are often with several tiers, perfect for wedding cakes or larger events, and are made from acrylic since it is strong yet lightweight. Glass cake stands are obviously heavier, but can be very beautiful, and look very elegant. Porcelain cake stands are also extremely elegant and make the perfect stage for any cake. But there are also some very elegant ceramic cake stands, although generally these have a chunkier look and feel to them compared to the porcelain cake stands.

Cake Stand Shape and Style

We have also included a few square cake stands, although these are quite hard to find, so forgive us if the choice isn't huge. The standard cake stand shape is of course round, to match the most popular shape of cake, obviously! See our choice of square cake stands here, and our round cake stands here.

It's also possible to find cake stands specially made for specific cakes, such as wedding cakes or even the hugely popular cup cakes. But remember, there are no hard and fast rules about which cake stand you should use. If it looks good on the table and is big enough for the cake, sandwiches, cup cakes or cake slices, then that's the right cake stand for you!

Cake Stands with Domes or Lids

You may also come across cake stands with a dome or lid, to protect the cake and keep it fresh. These are very useful and versatile, since it makes it easy to store the cake in the same container you use to display and serve the cake. Plus it can keep away nasty flies and wasps during the summer, and a glass stand with a dome can look very elegant, with a touch of old fashioned style about them.

Vintage Style

There are plenty of different cake stand designs available. In particular, the vintage style stands are very popular. Many of these stands come in country style designs, with several tiers, elegant porcelain plates and floral decoration. What could be better! After all, we are talking about baking and cakes here. The vintage or country style just seems to fit perfectly! See our choice of vintage style cake stands here.

See our links on the top right for all the different cake stand types and styles. We hope you find something you like, that will help you show off your baking!

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